Cod Tacos

In the past few years it is no secret that modern comfort food has become quite the trend. There are numerous websites, blogs, and videos that have been written with the hopes of revamping this soul- satisfying category of food. Highly stylized chefs and foodies alike, have been pouring over old recipe cards in an attempt to integrate the wild determination of Chef Alice Walker with some supersonic version of their mothers.

That being said, Houston, the hub of international business, has become a cultural think tank of fine southern cooking. Notable chefs far and wide have all passed through this road less travelled by thus creating a cultural cooking pot. Houston has undeniable transformed into a collection of influences led by Texas pride. Throw these experiences the city itself is now the Mecca of Texas southern cuisine.

So, where to begin? There is only one place to start this fairy tale, tacos. The seemingly endless though fundamental array of stylized tacos that can goes on for days. We must compromise and settle on one home ground version of the ever comforting and homely Houston fish tacos.

As an “Average Annie,” one would rise to this challenge with a grassroots approach. No amazing crystallized images of food grandeur, and yet one must believe that one can present a real sense of honesty in my quest to find Houston’s soft spot for food.

First off, I begin my journey in my neighbor’s kitchen. She’s a smaller Mexican woman with a big heart for seafood. Despite her earthy short comings she manage to make an amazing dish this evening and here’s the recipe…straight from Mexico to you. As an aside I want to inform you that there aren’t really measurements in her idea of authentic Mexican Cod tacos…so salt to taste and don’t worry you’ll be fine.

Cod Tacos

1pd of Cod

2 chopping tomatoes

2 diced Chile peppers

1 bell pepper

1/2 yellow onion diced

12 small taco shells

lime juice


baby spinach leaves


salt and pepper to taste

paprika to taste

First, Toss Cod in lime juice, paprika, salt, pepper, butter and chopped tomatoes.

Let sit for 30-45 minutes

Fry  the in a shallow pan for a crisper taste until somewhat golden brown with soft tomatoes.

In a separate pan salute diced onions with bell peppers and chilies.

Put taco shells in oven for 5-9 minutes on 350.

Combine Cod, Tomatoes and vegetable combo in shell and top with baby spinach and cilantro.

It’s simple and southern but oh so delicious! Trust me.


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February 16, 2012 · 12:54 am

Feeling fat and great

This holiday season has been jammed packed with food, fun, and friends. I thank every bar and restaurant in a 20 mile radius for except me into there establishment. I’m trying to land an interview with Monica Pope to start the New Year…I’m still hunting for some excellent and simple recipes. My delight in run on sentences has apparently become quite the hit online with an expanded readership. I hope the new job with CBS Local doesn’t become to corporate, but other than that I’m on my way.

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My new spot

loving my love of food.

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January 5, 2012 · 9:26 pm

Starting new

Yesterday I interview Lindsey Brown with the Houston Culinary Tour. It was profound and enlightening. I find that every conversion I have with a professional foodie gives me a wonderfully tight feeling inside my bones. It’s a twinge that I wholeheartedly invite. I’m pumped! I’m super excited about all my new endeavors in the food and writing business. I love the “impossible,” as most will tell you. I invited the unknown territory of writing and food editing. I have the street credit and I’m building more. I feel as though my fairy god mother finally found me at the age of 27 and is now helping me mold myself into the person that I knew I could be. Aww inspiring and a wealth of knowledge.

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